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Although 4 x(4x) and Four X(fourx) are both slang abbreviations of the term forex which has evolved to describe online currency trading you should be aware that out of the total audience that search these terms only half of the users are in reality interested in what you know as forex trading as an online trader.

The slang abbreviation of 4 x does not only refer to trading online with the help of a forex broker and a trading terminal but it also addresses 4X games which are a type of strategy game in which users have the ability to control a virtual world; confusion amongst 4 x trading and 4x video games is something that is often recorded as both types of material are nowadays applicable mainly through the internet.

Unlike 4 x games 4x trading is not a game, as account holders with real trading accounts engage in trading for reasons of acquiring a profit by investing and engaging in trading currencies by capitalizing on the constant fluctuations currencies record through out the day from Sunday evening till Friday afternoon.
4 x trading involves funds and is not a recreational activity so please be advised not to be confused with the nature of 4x games; if you are a minor you will not be permitted to register a real money account and we therefore would advise not to attempt to login with false details for reasons of monitoring how 4x trading works.

If you are a college student or a financial majored student under the age of 18 and you wish to test trial the 4x platform for reasons of including four x trading in a case study you may do so with a demo account that will not allow you to trade with real money. These exclusions can be allowed only after you have contacted our support team and informed them about your request and have explained the reasoning why you want to try 4x trading. Written consent or proof of reasoning might be required by an adult or your college or high school professor.

4 x Trading

4 x trading is not a game as the trading terminal communicates directly with the Metaquotes server and is directly connected to the OTC interbank exchange; if you have in any way landed on a 4x trading site while you were submitting queries to play 4 x games you are strictly advised to reach out to Wikipedia the free encyclopedia under 4x to read more information about the topic you were looking for and therefore find a website that can cater your original query.

4 x Platform

The 4 x platform is not to be used as a game as it is not a game in any way, 4 x trading is a serious practice and is only to be catered to individuals that are over 18 years of age and are in a position to understand how 4x trading works and moreover the risks of 4x trading itself.