About us

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Trading Point of Financial Instruments Limited is a financial institution founded by market professionals with an in-depth knowledge of FX and Capital Markets, Trading Point is a recognized and respected financial product provider.

Our Activities are Divided in 3 segments

Global Markets

We provide market access and trade execution services, through our Trading Point on-line trading platform, in foreign exchange markets, CFDs, international equities, commodities and Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Our service is conducted through the internet by utilizing Metaquotes electronic trading technology. Our decision to employ Metaquotes relied on several factors including reliability, productivity, usability and flexibility.

Asset Management

Trading Point Asset Management is the investment manager of a managed account program. (the “Trading Point Multi-strategy Program”). The investment philosophy for the Trading Point Multi-strategy program is to seek to produce returns for its investors using various investment strategies focusing on delivering attractive risk-adjusted rates of return. The performance of the Program is intended to be substantially non-correlated with the general debt and equity markets, as well as with a number of other non-traditional investment strategies. Within the Trading Point Program, the Company employs a variety of investment strategies and there is no material limitation on the types of investment strategies that may be employed. We invest in the same investment opportunities as our clients, which creates alignment of interest and trust among our senior management, our clients, and us. We believe that by creating these wealth partnerships with our clients, we solidify our client relationships by validating the quality of the products and services that we offer.

Wealth Management

Trading Point Wealth Management business will provide independent investment advisory and discretionary management, to high net worth and mass affluent individuals with the aim to create long-standing relationships. We welcome clients who wish to actively manage their own portfolio. With Portfolio Advisory services clients receive advice and assistance from experienced investment advisors, to help them construct and manage their portfolio based on their profile and market conditions. The service is provided either upon client’s request or at the initiative of our Wealth Management Department. The portfolio is monitored, rebalanced and optimized. No trading will be carried out without clients’ approval.