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Join our Forex Affiliate Program at Pip Affiliates

Today online financial markets such as forex, equities, and commodities are one of the most highly transacted products on the Internet with millions of investors and participants. They include banks, brokers, traders and private individuals from all over the world. Web Affiliates employ any online method in order to refer clients utilizing the creative assets within our Affiliate program. They might utilize paid or natural Search Marketing, Viral or Social Network Marketing.

Webmasters and site owners are welcome to apply for a forex affiliate account to advertise our trading platform on their websites and enjoy the lucrative benefits of the fastest growing worldwide market. Our approved forex affiliate partners are enhanced with unique tracking codes to monitor the levels of traffic they send to our website through their advertising space and their marketing efforts, they can pick to join our forex affiliate program and receiving their rewards based on a CPA agreement or a lifetime revenue share agreement which will be offering them an ongoing income as commission for returning customers which they have referred to our website and have introduced to our state of the art trading platform.

Why join the Forex affiliate program

Online forex trading has made investing online easier than you can think. With more than $4 Billion dollars worth of trades in the forex market why not claim your share to boost a market with such enormous potential. Today individuals can usually start investing in just a few minutes using their computer, an Internet connection and their credit card or an electronic wallet. As sales are spontaneous and customers trade online your account is credited on the spot in difference to other industries that offer affiliate programs; additionally the lifetime value of a customer in forex trading is higher compared to any other industry as this industry does not target recreational customers.

As a forex affiliate you can introduce clients to our trading platfrom and will receive commissions based on the agreement you enroll in with direct monthly payments via bank transfer, credit card or even PayPal. The Metatrader which is the platform we offer our customers is the most user friendly, widely accepted and most dynamic web trading platform which means that regardless of the level of expertise your referred traders might have they will land on a forex platform that will keep them loyal and therefore will keep commissions coming to you month after month.

Approved forex affiliates are additionally provided with a username and password of a backoffice from which they can monitor their traffic, keep updated on new offers in addition to being able to pick out from a series of creatives prepared by our creatives department in various sizes and shapes to make sure each and every webmaster that has a site that can cater marketing efforts as an online forex affiliate can make the very most of his online property.

Please note that affiliate accounts are not approved instantly as a senior member of our marketing department always reviews the website submitted by the webmaster that applies for a forex affiliate account to ensure that materials of are not exposed on websites that post inappropriate material as a measure to ensure the reputation of the service we offer.

Sites that can cater online forex affiliate materials can belong and are not limited to any of the below categories.

  • Forex Related Portals
  • Financial News Portals
  • General News Portals
  • Forex Related Forums
  • Investment Portals
  • Investment Forums
  • Forex Blogs
  • Financial Blogs
  • Investment Blogs
  • Financial Journals

Depending on the traffic a webmaster can deliver we offer tailor based packages for prepaid marketing campaigns, CPM campaigns and tailor based creatives. Please note that webmasters using and it’s related keywords for CPC campaigns on the Google Ad Words Program will be banned from the program as using the brand name and related keywords as search engine terms is strictly not permitted by our management.

Why join our affiliate program

  • Online trading has made investing into these markets very easy.
  • Today individuals can usually start investing in just a few minutes using their computer.
  • The value of a customer in Forex is higher compared to any other industry.
  • This implies that you make profits each time they trade and as long as they keep trading with Trading Point.
  • The global financial markets are prestigious and appealing.
  • Direct payments via bank transfer, credit card or PayPal.
  • Our team is ready to assist you in setting up and profiting from our program.

Other types of Cooperation

  • White Label solutions
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Fund Managers

If you would like further information about our Affiliate Program please contact us on, call us on +357 25029900 or request a call back. We would be delighted to help.