Cyprus Parliamentary Elections 2011

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Ekloges Kypros - Cyprus ElectionsThe parliamentary elections in Cyprus resulted to a victory for the right wing Party of DISI (Democratic Rally) with 34.27%, accumulating two more seats at the parliament house and raising its rates by 3.75%. DISI is member of the European’s People Party (EPP) of the European Parliament.

The governing left party of president Dimitris Christofias came second with 32.67%. However, AKEL recorded a raise on its votes compare to previous elections by 1.36%, this result allows to the left party to hold its 19 seats in Cyprus Parliament.

Third was the Democratic Party DIKO with 15.77% despite the negative forecasts of rates below 10%. The socialists of EDEK have seen no change on the party’s percentage as they have achieved 8.93%. The small right party of EVROKO (European Party) lost almost 2% of its power, losing one of its three seats on the parliament compare to the previous elections when it was initially presented in Cyprus political scenery.

Last but not least the Green Party of Oikologoi maintained its votes to 2.21%, reelecting the president of the party for another five year term.

The elections saw a turnout of 80% meaning a record high abstention rate of 20% for parliamentary elections.