Execution Methodology

Important: This page is part of archived content and may be outdated.

  • Market execution
  • Just Click and Trade
  • Trade 2 million per time
  • Guaranteed fills on take profit and stop loss orders
  • 24h dealing room access and customer support
  • Place orders online or by phone

Execution Quality is one of the most important factors you should consider when you are choosing a forex company. Being ex-interbank dealers ourselves we realise that inferior execution can turn a profitable trading strategy into a losing one. Tight spreads make no sense when you cannot trade on them. That’s why we do our outmost to provide you with the best execution possible.

Placing Orders

Orders can be placed any time during trading hours via our trading platform. Our trading software supports market, limit, stop and trailing stop orders. Alternatively you may trade via telephone, speaking directly with one of our dealers. Once you open a position it remains open until the matching closing trade is executed. Open positions are constantly revalued at the current market price, updating your account balance in real time.

Guaranteed fills on market orders up to 20 lots (2 million)

Trade 2 million in one click. If you wish to deal in an amount which is greater than 20 lots, you may either break your trade into smaller sizes or you can request your full trade size over the phone.

Guaranteed fills on stop loss and limit orders

All stop and limit orders up to 20 lots (2 million) are guaranteed to be filled. We understand that stop loss and limit orders are an important part of every trader’s risk management strategy, and so we take this policy very seriously.

Holiday/Weekend execution

In the case that market gaps from the Friday close to the Sunday opening, pending Limit or Stop orders will be executed at the first available price on the market open for the corresponding position size.

Trading during Volatile or Illiquid Markets

In volatile market conditions (during market moving news events or particularly active markets) market orders will still be executed at market price if prices haven’t moved in the accepted latency times. However, when the price has moved significantly you will be filled at the best available price. This can be in the client’s favor or against. Spreads may widen. Trading Point makes every effort to keep these enlargements as low and rare as possible through its partnerships with multiple liquidity providers.

Please click here to read the complete Order Execution Policy of the Company.