Fibonacci Calculator

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Use the Fibonacci calculator in your forex trading to derive Fibonacci retracements and projections. Simply enter the low point and the high point or vice versa depending on if you are using the uptrend mode or the downtrend mode and click calculate. You can enter your own retracement and projection percentages in the four custom fields that are available. “Reverse Retracement & Projection Calculator” allows to calculate retracement or projection percentage value of a price level in relation to the preceding price move.

How to use Fibonacci for your trading?

Fibonacci levels are used by drawing a trend line between two significant points, usually from a base to a recent high and inserting percentage levels. The financial markets demonstrate Fibonacci proportions in a number of ways, particularly, Fibonacci forms a tool for calculating price targets and placing stops. For example, if a correction is expected to retrace to 50% of the previous wave, an investor might place a stop to some extent below that level. This will guarantee that if the correction is of a larger degree of trend than expected, the investor will not be exposed to excessive losses. Conversely, if the correction ends near or at the target level, this result will increase the probability that the investor’s preferred price move reading is correct.

What is Fibonacci trading?

For a beginner, Fibonacci trading sounds like a rather perplex concept. However for a Forex trader executing frequent trades, the idea becomes relevantly easy and natural to use. Traders use Fibonacci tools in order to measure potential reversals and extensions of currency price trends. Traders are able to place profit targets in an accurate manner using Fibonacci tools also. There are several key levels to study with Fibonacci trading when placing buy and sell orders. Using Fibonacci trading tools, a trader is guaranteed a proper way in predicting profit targets in their trading.

How does Fibonacci trading work?

Through using Fibonacci Retracement levels, potential support and resistance areas can be identified. Traders use these levels to identify places where a transaction can take place, or setting target prices and stop losses. The Fibonacci retracement will track back and measure on any price movement its way to where it initially began. 61.8% is a popular Fibonacci retracement level that is used by traders.

Fibonacci Example:

A price starts at 40.00 and eventually moves to 50. This would indicate a 10.00 move. This move will trigger traders to sell or buy this move and earn profit. This will cause the price to gradually fall. Now say the price falls to 45.00. This called a pullback however when referring to Fibonacci trading, this price fall would be considered a 50% retracement. If at one point it were to fall a little more, it would go to 61.8% retracement. When considering the most important retracement ratios (above), the next level is of course a common 0.618 which is an incredibly common Fibonacci retracement zone. Tracing your footsteps when you have lost something can be an easy way of understanding Fibonacci retracement.

Fibonacci Extension Levels:

Fibonacci Extension levels are used as profit taking levels. When a price goes over 100% a trader it is described as going over the Fibonacci extension levels. Such levels are used for a trader to determine an area where they want to make profit. Every trader attempts to predict price trends and movements. It is best advised to speculate previous movements and recognise where to measure current highs and lows using Fibonacci Extension levels. Research the most common extension levels and attempt to use them in your trade actions. There are many resources online to understand Fibonacci trading. It is a significant part of trading and most investors get the hang of it eventually through a little practice. Absorb the information fully so you are able to use Fibonacci effectively and gain the most profit during your trading.

Who is Fibonacci?

Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci is a famous European mathematician who lived during the Roman Empire. His fame stems from the unique series of numbers that he discovered which today are used as benchmark for traders across the 5 continets. He found that 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% hold a very popular mathematical relationship as the continually appear in nature.

Based upon historical studies it has been determined that after a significant move in currency prices and the rate begins to retrace, it tends to find support or resistance at 38.2%, 50% and 61.8% of the larger move. These levels represent areas where there is a high likelihood that the retracement will stop and the larger move will resume. A large number of investors also believe these percentages have become a self-fulfilling prophecy as the use of these numbers has become more and more popular. Regardless, Fibonacci relationships are significant and widely watched and if used in conjunction with other indicators can serve as lucrative trading tool.