Forex: Strong Switzerland Trade Balance

Important: This page is part of archived content and may be outdated.

Trade Balance figures for Switzerland were announced at 7:00GMT from the Swiss Statistics Office for the month of February. The announced figure of around 2.4866 billion was larger than the 2.13 billion expected figures and also larger than the previous month’s 2.044 billion. Upon the news announcement neither the EURCHF nor the USDCHF appeared to demonstrate any significant movement. It is possible that this is because it was only the start of the European session or the public did not view the difference between the announced and expected value too significant.


The Trade Balance figure shows the difference between the amount of exports and imports a country has executed. Usually a higher figure would be related to hawkish behavior of the currency while a lower figure to bullish. The USDCHF is currently traded at 0.9049while the EURCHF at 1.2882.