Forex Trading News – Mixture of weak economic indicators announced for Japan

Important: This page is part of archived content and may be outdated.

Several Economic indicators have been released in Japan for the last 2 months none of which brought any significant hawkish news for the Japanese Economy. Among the most important these involved Tokyo’s Consumer Price Index that was announced at -0.1% opposed to the 0% the market speculated and making some improvement from the -0.3% of March. An equally important announced indicator was the Unemployment Rate of March as announced by the Japanese Statistics Bureau. The announced rate of 4.6% fully matched the 4.6% unemployment rate from the month of February.

Other figures for March involve the Industrial Production Rates dropping to -15.3% (Exp. -10.6%) compared to the 1.8% of February and the Overall Household Spending that dropped to -8.5( Exp. -7.0%) compared to last year’s -0.2%. This is a difficult period for the Japanese economy especially since the country’s negative debt outlook announcement by S&P and further weak economic indication are certainly not in favor of the country’s economic recovery .