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Although the forex market has no boundaries as it is an international market the USA forex market or US forex audience is increasingly gaining more and more retail traders. Sellers and buyers which trade fx and engage in trading over the counter are increasingly attracted to forex from across the 5 continents and are benefiting from the global character which the foreign exchange has adopted with the introduction of online forex trading. Nevertheless forex brokers are licensed with particular security exchange commissions which have a certain element of intervention in the overall quality of the services offered and therefore commonly create the common question;

Does Trading Point accept US clients?

The answer is Yes; We are able to provide our services to U.S. Clients as we have a cross border license, obtained through our regulator (CySEC), which allows us to provide our services to 179 countries including the United States. As such a US citizen may open up an account with us and benefit from such things as a higher leverage and hedging of their positions.

At Trading Point you will have the chance to experience forex trading suitable for every type of portfolio and every type of trading style. At forex traders from the USA will have the benefit to enjoy online currency trading, commodities trading, futures and indices trading with forex brokers operating 24/5 and with 24/5 business hours therefore making the total fx trading process easier, more efficient and more effective.

USA Forex Trading

USA forex trading is in reality moving from corporate level to retail level more and more day after day as the number of individuals that seek to be involved in the USA forex trading market is increasing dramatically with the introduction of online forex trading services which offer the opportunity to any individual regardless of expertise or trading background to trade in the global forex market place. At we surely believe that trading experience does matter but it cannot be considered as a pre requisite or a barrier to newcomers to learn the basics and introduce themselves to USA forex trading as our services are not limited to forex brokerage services but extend to forex education, market watch and forex news updates which together with the guidance we offer our customers ensure maximum potential of success in the forex trading market.

Forex Broker USA

Successful forex trading is made easy at as an award winning trading terminal meets leading customer support and the integrity of a licensed and regulated company. Our members will have the opportunity to trade online with a forex broker who can ensure that the process of understanding forex, learning how to trade fx and becoming a real money foreign exchange trader is a process that is taken step by step and ensured towards maximization of success. More over newcomers to the USA forex trading marketplace will have the opportunity to start learning forex with free non maturing forex demo accounts which can be combined with their learning curve to ensure their success in the foreign exchange.

More experienced traders will have the opportunity to open real money fx trading accounts which can be tailored to their needs based on their trading experience, their trading portfolio and the level of intervention they wish to have.