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Our team attempts to cover all aspects of trading with detailed explanation of the most important indicators and factors shaping the worldwide currency market with a number of daily updated articles, and free forex market updates which you can choose to be delivered directly to your email inbox.

Free Forex Demo Mode

Downloading the forex trading platform and accessing the forex demo server is the most optimal solution for both learning and gaining access to the market updates and trading tools offered by the trading terminal. In addition to using the tools inside the terminal you can shape your learning curve by coupling your demo trading with the resources you will find across the forex blog and the forex news section which cover market news, forex news and political factors that shape worldwide trade on a day to day basis.

Free Forex and Market News

The forex and market news section as well as the forex blog are both updated from a number of analysts and forex traders which daily contribute articles, updates and resources as a free forex trading enhancement offered by to both traders and visitors as a tool to be eventually used to shape a successful, effective and efficient trading strategy which will make traders sharp and accurate. Even more across the site you will find various resources which strive to explain the fundamentals of forex trading as a basic tool to understand how the forex market works, what contributes to market changes and how a novice trader can become an experienced trader.

Although we cannot discourage any trader to use e-resources or forex trading books we should note that a successful trader can only prove his way through practice and since our free forex demo account have a non expiring nature we encourage novice or inexperienced traders that wish to learn forex and visualize gains from the forex market to take forex trading step by step and capitalize on the resources extended by free of charge. For additional help feel free to reach out to our live help or contact us to book an appointment to talk to a representative which will undertake the responsibility of helping you through the process of becoming a forex pro at your own pace by using the free forex enhancements available on the website.