Live Forex

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When traders refer to the term live forex in simple English what they are referring to is online forex trading and all its related products which include live forex charts, live forex signals, live forex news, live forex training and of course live forex rates which are all products offered within the range of services offered by as a leading forex broker.

As you can understand while navigating through the various pages of our index you will realize that the forex market is in reality a live market itself as all transactions are held online, in real time and with absolutely no barriers in terms of location, time zone or working hours which is why at we use a motto saying that the markets don’t sleep and neither do we.

The live forex market or forex market as we should say operates from 22:10 GMT Sunday to 22:00 GMT Friday and during those hours which can be considered the business hours of the live forex market our staff is online and available to help and accommodate your queries, your education and of course your needs in relation to trading online successfully.

Customers and members can access forex trading platforms at any time of the day 365 days a year but they should understand that the live forex rates are available only between the business hours of the live forex market; during non business hours on the weekend traders can use the platform when they are experimenting with a demo account or a forex software program but they will not be able to see live forex rates and live forex charts.

This basically means that any simulation carried out during hours in which the market is not live are based on the closing prices of the forex market on Friday and will not reflect to real time conditions which in reality will make live forex trading more realistic.

Live Forex Charts and Live Forex Rates

The exact same applies for all the charts and live forex rates for the currency pairs and commodity trading products as during business hours of the forex market traders with demo or real trading accounts will have the ability to view live forex charts and live forex rates reflecting the movements of major currencies from which they can extract information needed to conclude with conclusions and speculations based on forex analysis.

Live forex charts and live forex rates within the forex trading platforms show the movement of currency prices and commodities and offer options to traders to select the type of chart they wish to view based on their understanding of forex charts. Please note that the during non business hours all charts are stagnant and prices reflected are not live; as mentioned above the platform can be accessed if you wish to practice with the offerings and the features but non of the functions will operate in live mode.

Live Forex News

Either you are using third party live forex signals or you are using a forex software program that generates live forex signals you should note that theses signals can be applied only during the business hours of the forex market. What this means is that regardless if the G20 or the ECB have just walked out of a meeting on a Sunday and the outcome is highly expected to affect the forex trading prices of a particular currency during non business hours the actual live forex signal that has been derived from the meeting itself cannot be used before the market opens at 22:10 GMT on Sunday evening.

The same applies to live forex news as in many cases live forex signals and live forex news are terms that are very much inter connected to each other and cannot coexist without one another. During normal business hours under our forex news section our editors which are professional traders themselves post updates and commentary every hour in regards to the most important and most crucial financial and political news which have a direct impact on the forex market and forex trading itself.

Live Forex Training

If you have just made an introduction to the forex market you may request that an agent makes contact with you by telephone and makes sure that you are guided step by step with live forex training in order to understand and learn how to use the Metatrader or any other forex trading platfrom with a free forex demo account before you engage in real money trading.

A good start with forex can translate to a bright future as a trader but this requires that before you place your first real money order you have a clear and crisp understanding of how the forex market works and of course how the terminal operates.