MT4 Broker

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In simple language the term MT4 Broker or Metatader Brokers describes forex trading brokers which license the Metatrader platform as their trading terminal similar to for usage by their customers to trade in the forex market. It is important to note that major differences between Metatrader brokers apply as there is no universal approach or no restriction from the actual software provider towards which added features can be offered by brokers which in reality means that although many Metatrader brokers might use the same trading terminal which they have licensed by Metaquotes, differences in added offerings, support, language offerings, deposit and withdrawal options and even more important terms of trading in regards to leverage and execution policy apply.

Choosing the correct MT4 broker can be tricky as the increasing number of forex brokers which are being added to the long list of MT4 brokers available makes the decision of which company to start off trading a task that needs research and awareness of differences in order to manage to make the all around best choice of the best MT4 Brokers. We recommend you firstly fully understand what MT4 brokers are and what the major differences in the service offerings are before you decide which Metatrader broker you will be opening an account with or which Metatrader broker you will be migrating to from your current forex broker.

MT4 Brokers

MT4 Brokers license the Metatrader software which is a free-of-charge software program that has been specially designed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. for online trading in the Forex and commodities market and is used by forex brokers to serve the needs of customers. The most recognized and used version of the trading platform is the MetaTrader 4 from which the abbreviation MT4 brokers has evolved. Built-in technical indicators offered at MT4 Brokers which are built in from within the system allow investors/traders to analyze securities’ quotes, whilst the MQL4 network enables the development and usage of automated trading strategies.

Metatrader 4 has become very popularly used platform amongst brokerage firms in just a few years since its launch as it includes a number of benefits over rival platforms although it is considered to be somehow complicated and too technical at first glance in difference to other in house developed added platforms offered at popular MT4 brokers. The MT4 is known to be the choice of professional traders as it eliminates the game oriented features which you can come across at other trading terminals and focuses on efficient, effective and professional spot on trading; more than 300 brokerage companies and banks all over the world have chosen Metatrader 4 as their first choice of trading platform which is the main criteria which distinguishes them as MT4 brokers or Metatrader Brokers as commonly abbreviated.

As traders ourselves we surely do understand that if you are a newcomer to the forex trading scene you have heard about MT4 brokers and moreover about the Metatrader but were caught in surprise when downloading the platform and trying to use it for the first time as it does have the disadvantage of looking too expert oriented at first glance. You should understand that the Metatrader platforms were built with focus on retail traders just like yourself and in reality MT4 trading is surely as not so complicated as it might seem to be at first glance. From our experience the majority of traders that have put in time to understand and learn the Metatrader never migrate to any other trading terminal although they might migrate to other MT4 brokers which offer better trading policies. Moreover the vast majority of serious MT4 brokers offer both live and telephone support which newcomers and new traders can reach out to receive assistance in how to get acquainted with the MT4.

It is important to note that newcomers to the online trading scene are advised to make usage of the benefit of starting with a MT4 demo account and receiving the assistance they need in learning how to use the platform before they migrate to a real trading account which of course involves risk and is not to be used without adequate knowledge of the platform regardless of the MT4 broker you choose to execute your trades with.

    Advantages of MT4 Brokers

  • Metatrader Brokers allow for the ability to create templates to better fit each and every trader’s needs
  • With an MT4 Broker you can view graphs for a number of different Forex pairs simultaneously
  • Quick and straight forward installation process
  • Metatrader 4 Brokers includes all elements in their trading software package which are needed to perform trading in the financial markets.

These advantages and more have made Metatrader brokers the most popular alternative to forex brokers in the world and moreover to traders themselves. The fact that Mt4 is the most commonly used trading platform by brokerage companies is the best testimony that it delivers outstanding value and meets their expectations.