Multiterminal MAM

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The Trading Point Multi Account Manager Software operates differently from the classic Metatrader Multiterminal by allowing fund managers, portfolio managers and multiple account holders to manage multiple MT4 trading accounts at the same time with the use of one account. The MAM offers all the features of a normal MT4 interface including full usage of the MT4 charting package and full usage of automated trading and MT4 Expert Advisors (EA’s). The MAM software enables a simple way of handling multiple accounts with all commissions accrued automatically making it both effective and efficient for fund managers to trade customer accounts transparently.

How does the MT4 MAM Work?

The MAM software allows the managers MT4 account to be assigned as Master Account and client accounts which are handled by the manager to be recognized as follower accounts with the total sum of trusted money treated as a whole and traded by the Managers Master Account.


Profits from closed orders are automatically distributed to original account owners (follower accounts).


Losses from closed orders are distributed among the money that takes part in the trading activity therefore ensuring that a client having his funds handled by a manager never risks more than he agreed to trust to his manager.

Instructions on How To Apply for a MT4 Multi Account Manager

1. Both Manager and Investors are required to open a Real Trading Account with Trading Point.
2. Investors must complete a limited power of attorney, which will provide the manager with the right to trade
the funds on their behalf.
3. Investors must send the signed limited power of attorney to
4. Manager has the responsibility to contact and request that his Real Trading Account has
the MAM software enabled and all authorized accounts set manageable by his Master Account.

Important: Please note that Investors can revoke the limited power of attorney at anytime by contacting

Who Can Apply for the MT4 Multi Account Manager Software?

  • Fund Managers
  • Asset Managers
  • Multiple Account Holders


Let’s take an example that a Fund Manager has 3 clients so in essence both Account Manager and the 3 clients are all required to open Real Trading Accounts Individually. Please note that when a client registers a Real Account he automatically receives an email with access details which are automatically emailed to the email inbox of email address used upon registration.

In order to make the example easy we will use hypothetical account numbers below:

Master Account Login number : 1000

  • Sub Account 1 Login Number : 1001
  • Sub Account 2 Login Number: 1002
  • Sub Account 3 Login Number: 1003

The Master Account cannot make a deposit. If the Fund Manager wants to deposit money then he needs to register another sub account which it will be in his name and therefore a 4th Sub Account will be needed in our example. But let’s continue our example with the 1 Master Account and the 3 Sub Accounts.

  • Login 1001 = Deposits $10000
  • Login 1002 = Deposits $10000
  • Login 1003 = Deposits $20000

So if the 3 Sub Accounts make a deposit the Master Account will see in his Balance the total of all deposits made by the sub accounts under his name which in our case it will show $40000. Now, when the Master Account opens a position it divides that position per equity ratio into the Sub Accounts.


Master Account Buys 4 Lots EURUSD at 1.33000 then automatically all Sub Accounts will see

  • Sub Account 1 = Buy 1 Lot EURUSD 1.33000
  • Sub Account 2 = Buy 1 Lot EURUSD 1.33000
  • Sub Account 3 = Buy 2 Lot EURUSD 1.33000

When can the Master Account start Trading on behalf of his clients?

1. Once all accounts are registered and they already received their access details then all Sub Accounts need to sign a Power of Attorney where you can find here.
2. Second step is that all sub accounts need to fund their trading accounts.
3. Third step is that the Master account holder needs to provide a written email with all login numbers of his clients requesting the MAM and then he/she can start trading.
4. Once these have been matched to the corresponding power of attorneys from the respective account holders, then all sub accounts will be set under the Master Account.

Quick Steps of using the MAM:

1. Registering Real Accounts with TradingPoint
2. Signing the POA(Power of Attorney)
3. Funding the accounts
4. An email should be send from the Master account with all login numbers of the sub accounts requesting the MAM solution.
5. You can now start trading.

The Power of Attorney shall remain valid towards the COMPANY until the day when a revocation of the Power of attorney is provided in written by the Client (Sub Account). At that stage Trading Point is forced to remove the sub account which is until that date handled by the Master account. This in reality means that any positions held by the sub account will be closed and the volume in the position of the Master Account will be partially closed.

Example: A Master Account opens 5 Lots and for various reasons one of the Sub Accounts that received the signal of 1 Lot decides to cancel the power of attorney then that position of 1 Lot in the client’s account will be closed and in the Master Account the 5 Lots will become 4 open Lots and 1 Lot closed.

MAM Features

  • Live P&L data for clients
  • Daily/instant reports on individual accounts
  • Multiple account management directly from MetaTrader4 Client Terminal
  • Unlimited trading accounts
  • Different allocation methods
  • Full SL/TP functionality
  • Flexible trading options

MT4 MAM Vs Classic Metatrader (MT4) Multiterminal

Unlike the usual Metatrader Multiterminal the MT4 Multi Account Manager Software (MAM) allows full and unlimited usage of charts and all EA’s as in reality the Master Account is not required to deviate from the MT4 client terminal.


Trading Point does not participate in any way in trading decisions made by external Fund Managers and makes no representations, warranties and assumes no obligations with regard to any external Fund Manager’s trading strategy and/or performance.