Technology News – SKYPE outage affects users globally

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Skype users were affected for the second time in six months when the popular online communications tool suffered an outage yesterday.

The crash occurred around noon GMT time on Thursday, affecting access to Skype through Windows. It is believed that the issue has not affected Apple computers.

Skype issued a statement to fix the problem.

It said: “Earlier today, a corruption occurred in a small percentage of users’ systems that resulted in some of our community not being able to sign in to Skype. We issued some instructions which would allow you to get back online, but understand that they’re fairly technical, and have been working hard to produce a version of Skype for Windows which fixes this problem automatically.”

This is the second time in just a few weeks that Skype is in the headlines when it was the target of a takeover by IT giant Microsoft, which about to close a deal to purchase Skype for US$8.5bn.

The deal will be sealed later this year, with Microsoft planning to integrate Skype into its Kinect motion-gaming peripheral, Windows Phone 7 and other platforms. Skype will become its own division at Microsoft under the direction of its CEO, Tony Bates.

For instructions on how to fix the issue follow the link