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Important Notes about ZuluTrade Accounts

Please note that existing account holders can not have their existing accounts connected to Zulutrade.

About Zulutrade

Zulutrade Inc. is a forex trading and financial services company offering online trading services at the domain zulutrade.com. Zulutrade maintains headquarters in New York and regional offices in Hong Kong, Shangai and Athens. In simple language the service provided by zulutrade can be best understood as a hub between forex trading account holders and forex signal providers which can use the zulutrade system to engage in a form of automated forex trading.

The zulutrade system is a mutual beneficiary system which allows account holders that do not have major forex trading knowledge or experience but do have the liquidity or the capability to maintain a funded forex account to select one or more signal provider(s) from which the zulutrade automated trading system will feed signals and proceed with executing trades in order to gain a profit.

The signal providers which provide forex trading signals on zulutrade are traders themselves which either do not have the liquidity or the capital to trade solely in the forex market so act as agents which provide commission based signals or either are traders which combine their trading profit with commission based profit from the knowledge they share within the zulutrade.com system to account holders which assign zulutrade to engage in automated trading based on the signals provided within the system from signal providers.

Zulutrade Forex

The zulutrade forex system is a free peer 2 peer online trading network which works allows account holders which do not have major knowledge of the foreign exchange markets an opportunity to record profits from the multidimensional character of the market with zulutrade forex.

Zulutrade forex offers full transparency and allows the account holder to select the singal providers from which the system will feed signals based on the zulurank which is an in house programmed algorithm maintained by zulutrade.com which ranks signal providers based on various elements and factors therefore allowing account holders to navigate through and filter the signal provider(s) they select based on what they feel is important and based on which factors of performance they think are attractive and would work best for their trading portfolio.

In addition to the services explained above zulutrade offers an open source forum known as the zulutrade forum in which account holders, signal providers and third party traders can register and share knowledge, views and tips with each other.

Zulu Trading

In difference to forex robots or forex expert advisors zulu trading uses the signal provision as its primary and sole source of direction of orders on the forex platforms which are supported from the system which include amongst others proprietary platforms adopted by forex brokers or Metatrader based platfroms including the MT4 which zulu trading is fully compatible to. The service provided by zulutrade MT4 or any other zulu trading enabled platorm is server based meaning that once the signal providers are selected and once directions are executed your presence is not mandatory and your computer does not required to be on whatsoever.

How Zulutrade gets Paid?

ZuluTrade receives its compensation per trade per contract directly from the forex broker which is used by the zulutrade system to execute trades and splits the compensation with the Signal Provider which provides zulutrade.com with signals which have lead to successful and profitable trades. If you may need more information on how to use zulutrade please feel free to issue an account above and contact us through live chat, email or telephone for more information.